Tips for Parents

Before you arrive

Make sure your child is well rested and has eaten breakfast

Come early enough to be dressed and ready to ski or ride

Things you may need:

   neck warmer or scarf (tucked in for lift safety)

   goggles or sunglasses

   sunscreen and chapstick

   mittens/ gloves, jacket and ski pants

   long underwear and a turtleneck

   warm socks (one pair at a time is recommended in ski boots)

   a helmet (highly recommended, not required and we have no rentals at this time)

Checking in

Check in at the ticket counted (center).  Classes start at 9:30 so please check in no later than 9:15.  The counter opens by 8:30 on lesson days.

You will be given you ticket(s), colored arm band and instructions to meet in front of the lodge at 9:30.  If you need rentals you can proceed to the rental shop at this time.

Meeting locations

The Snow Flakes will meet in front of the lodge to the right  (if you are looking up the mountain) in front of the rental shop

The Snow Flurries will meet in front of the lodge in the center

The Blizzards will meet in front of the lodge to the left (if you are looking up the mountain) on the lift side

The instructors will be wearing armbands that coincide with their students colored bands

Different arm band colors make finding your class easier they don't always coincide with your ability level

At the end of the first lesson the Instructor will give the students a specific meeting area for the following week.

Please be outside to get your child at the end of each lesson and talk to the instructor the lessons end at 11:00 for the weekend groups

Additional Information

There are no make-up lessons, however if you miss a class you can still use the ticket and rentals.  Just let the person at the ticket counter know you missed a class, they will look it up and give you a ticket on a day you want to ski/snowboard.

Application forms and payment must be received 1 week before the start of the session.  All forms after that are subject to a $25 late fee.