Directions from the University of Maine at Orono

Map Directions from Orono

Start at University PL, Orono going toward College Ave
go .1 mile
Turn Right on College Ave(US-2A)
go .1 mile
Bear Right on College Ave(US-2)
go .1 mile
Continue to follow US-2
go 1.5 miles
Turn Right on Kelley Rd
go 1.1 miles
Turn Left to take ramp onto I-95 South
go 16.7 miles
Take exit #174/Carmel/Winterport toward Carmel

Bear Right on Hampden Rd (ME-69)
go 1.0 mile
Turn Right on Hinkley Hill Rd
go 1.2 miles
Turn Left on Newburg Rd
go .9 miles
Arrive at Hermon Mountain on the Left