Enjoy Winter!

Enjoy Winter!

Ski and snowboard at New Hermon Mountain

Grab your skis, strap on your boots and make your way to New Hermon Mountain Inc. for skiing and snowboarding this winter. We have slopes just right for novice skiers and experts, so the whole family can have fun together.

If it’s your first skiing trip or you need a refresher course, call ahead to sign up for skiing lessons. We have trained and experienced instructors on hand who work with skiers of all ages. Several types of ski lessons are available, including:


  • Group lessons: Not available 2020/21 season
  • Private lessons: Offered every day for all ages and levels. $45
  • Semi - Private:  Offered every day for all ages and levels $40 per person
  • Learn-to-ski packages: Our four-week skiing and snowboarding program for kids Not available 2021/22 Season




To book a lesson please call (207)848-5192.
Group lessons are not available this upcoming season. We will be providing Private Lessons. With skiing and snowboarding lessons, you can graduate from the bunny slopes to more challenging runs. Plan a fun family outing at New Hermon Mountain by signing up for skiing lessons today.



After School Program Plan and Requirements for 2020/21

After School Program Plan and Requirements for 2020/21

Face Masks are required in all areas of New Hermon Mountain, buffs and gaiters are acceptable.
Parents are required to do a Covid-19 symptom check at home.  If symptoms are present do not bring your child.  (This is very important to the health of all students and staff)

All Students should arrive as dressed for skiing as possible, if you have your own boots please put them on in the car.  The lodge will be limited to 50 people at a time and people are asked to spend no more than 15 mins at a time in the lodge.

Due to the limit on indoor capacity and the limited area outside only one adult can accompany each student into the lodge to assist them in getting ready.  Once they are skiing the adults should stay in the car or limit the amount of time on the porch and practice physical distancing at all times.  No one other than students and staff will be allowed to interact with the lessons, with the exception of lift time for beginners.

No personal Items will be allowed to stay on or under the tables, everything should be placed in an available cubie or in the car.

Beginner groups will be limited to 3 person groups
Limit Total Number of students in lessons to 50
All participants are required to wear face coverings at all times, in addition beginner students are also required to wear goggles, due to the occasional unavoidable less than 6 ft contact.

Check in: Area to be determined

Students are assigned a color for their group, outside the instructor will be standing at the color (laminated paper on a stick) with a flashlight to illuminate the group color.

Check in
Proceed to rental shop, with adult helper if necessary

  1. Enter through double doors inside the lodge
  2. Exit with equipment outside
  3. Place skis/ snowboard on rack
  4. Reenter lodge through second front door
  5. Put on boots, helmet etc.
  6. Exit lodge through first front door and find the instructor

  • Participants not taking lessons same procedure but proceed to lift instead of to the instructor.
  • When beginner groups are ready to proceed up the lift (usually but not guaranteed week 3 or 4), someone will need to ride the lift with them.  Preferably a household member.  If no one is available to ride the lift with them they can ride the lift with their instructor, another instructor or a ski patroller.  Both the student and the instructor/ patroller must wear a mask and goggles.  If you are not comfortable with this please let us know at check in, and understand that the student will not be able to go up the mountain.
  • After lessons are over there will be 1 hour of “free ski” practice time.
  • When the program is over:

    1. Place Skis/Snowboard on racks in front of the lodge
    2. Enter the lodge through the “Enter” door.
    3. Remove boots, go outside and collect skis/snowboard with boots and return them to the rental shop entering through the outside door.  (the opposite of picking up the equipment)
    4. Place ski/snowboard and boots on the counter and exit back into the lodge.
    5. Exit the lodge through the “exit” door (parking lot side of lodge).

  • Learn to Ski: Junior - TBD

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