Enjoy Winter!

Enjoy Winter!

Ski and snowboard at New Hermon Mountain

Grab your skis, strap on your boots and make your way to New Hermon Mountain Inc. for skiing and snowboarding this winter. We have slopes just right for novice skiers and experts, so the whole family can have fun together.

If it’s your first skiing trip or you need a refresher course, call ahead to sign up for skiing lessons. We have trained and experienced instructors on hand who work with skiers of all ages. Several types of ski lessons are available, including:  TBD

  • Group lessons: Not available 2020/21 season
  • Private lessons: Offered every day for all ages and levels.
  • Learn-to-ski packages: Our four-week skiing and snowboarding program for kids and adults starts in January.

Group lessons are not available this upcoming season. We will be providing Private Lessons. With skiing and snowboarding lessons, you can graduate from the bunny slopes to more challenging runs. Plan a fun family outing at New Hermon Mountain by signing up for skiing lessons today.

 You can choose either Saturday or Sunday.  For More information click the link below!

We’re betting your kids can’t wait to hit the slopes after school. You can enroll kids of all ages in an after-school program, contact your local Rec. Dept today. They’ll work with trained instructors to develop skills and confidence on the slopes.


Learn to Ski: Adult

Learn to Ski: Junior -

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