Hermon Mountain Ski School

Walk-In Group Lessons: Snowboard

Our Walk-In group lessons are for beginners only.  There may be both adults and children, and the group may range in size from 1 to 10.  The lesson will begin in front of the lodge at the specified "lesson time." The students will be greeted and introduced to the Instructor at this time.  The class will last up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, parents/guardians are asked to meet the students in front of the Lodge at the end of the lesson.  First, all students will be introduced to their equipment (i.e. how to put the snowboard on and how to take it off.) The Instructor will then teach the student about snowboarding, using many different activities designed to familiarize the student with the activity.  The goal in a Beginner lesson is to teach the student to glide down the hill, turn, and stop.  These are goals only, each student progresses at different rates, there is no guarantee that any or all of these skills will be attempted or mastered.  If the entire group is able to perform these skills to a level that the Instructor deems proficient, then the group will go up the lift. There is no guarantee that the class will go up the lift.  A ski ticket is required for all lessons whether the class uses the lift or not.  If the lift is used during a lesson, the student may ride with the Instructor, another student, ski patrol, a volunteer from the lift line, or by himself or herself.


4 Week Learn to Snowboard Lessons

There are 3 different age group for these lessons:  The Snow Flurries (5-8 yrs) and Blizzards (9-12 yrs) take place on Saturday or Sunday mornings at 9:30.  The teen/adult (13 yrs +) group takes place on Friday nights at 6:00pm.  There are 5 levels in each age group.  The levels are the same  in each group but the speed that the levels are mastered varies greatly.  The student may progress one or two levels or be recommended to stay in a level for more than one session.  The first three levels of snowboarding can be very slow to master, and each student is different.  Don't rush!  Learn it and practice, practice, practice!  Please read through the following levels to determine which describes you best.

          Level 1 White     -  Never ever beginner

          Level 2 Red        -  Working on toe-edge and heel-edge turns in the beginner area (front of lodge)

          Level 3 Green    -  Becoming comfortable with linking turns in the beginner area and is ready to learn the lift and green trails (slow poke, lazy lane)

          Level 4 Blue       -  Confident in linking turns on green trails (slow poke, lazy lane) and working on blue trails,  may be starting to carve turns.

          Level 5 Black      -  Working on riding on steep trails, hard blue and easier blacks (cloud 9).  Working on carving turns and using short linked turns in bumps and on ungroomed trails

Snowboarding is a wonderful activity that we enjoy very much. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share this sport